The “HANDPAN Summer 2022” is comming to an End ….

GRIASDI Handpan & World Music GATHERING 2022

The Summer is coming to an end (at least here in europe) and tempts us to look back – also to keep the sunny, warm and beautiful memories alive as long as possible.
After 2 years of “state of emergency” in which only very few events were possible, this summer of ’22 was as packed with events as it has felt since the 80s. What we all noticed was that people do not forget how to “celebrate and socialize” – and that there is a basic need for it. Socializing is firmly anchored in our souls and genes and wants to be lived out. And that is a good thing !

Andrea Szabadi @ GRIASDI 2022

The international handpan community was very active this summer of 2022. There were many gatherings, retreats, workshop weeks, concerts and beautiful private smaller gatherings to jam, learn, connect and share passions. If you can believe the voices of the participants at these events – and you can – all these events were somehow “inspired”. Maybe also because after 2 years of forced break we are probably even more grateful for such gatherings. Familiar things are often no longer so appreciated. Seen in this way, the last two years were perhaps even a chance to become more conscious, more modest and more grateful again.

David Kuckhermann @ GRIASDI 2022

I myself have only participated in GRIASDI 2022 – and it was fantastic (if I as the organizer would say something else, it would also be a bit strange) to see how ‘hungry’ and full of joy the frame of this event was filled. The basis of this event, namely the meeting at eye level (no stars, no ego feeding, no “princess behavior”), the promotion of personal responsibility and voluntariness works better and better in practice – and that makes us very happy ! Actually, we can hardly wait to open the GRIASDI in 2023 – to welcome you all again and to let the “GRIASDI Spirit” grow further.
All information about the GRISDI 2023 can be found on the website (

Besides all these beautiful things that were brought back to life in the summer of ’22, other things unfortunately remained unsightly. For example, this unpleasant legal dispute between PANart and HCU/AYASA has continued to develop. It’s not surprising that legal disputes can get ugly very quickly – and so this legal dispute is hardly surprising. When I read the court submissions, i.e. the arguments of both sides (hundreds of pages full of waffle, lies and legal tricks), I feel kind of sick. It is such a pity that stubbornness and ego “paws” something as beautiful as tuned steel, lawyers stuff their pockets and creative potential is burned. probably best is, to just NOT pay attention to this theater anymore if you don’t have to ! My “sympathy” goes to the people sued by PANart who now have to face this nonsensical, expensive and ugly “game”. I hope from the bottom of my heart that this comedy will soon come to an end. the ball is in PANart’s court and must be kicked back by Felix on 22 Sept at the latest. Let’s see how this kick will turn out ….

It only remains to wish you all a nice late summer. have a good time, recharge your batteries (this is often helpful in winter) and get ready for a wonderful summer of 2023, full of handpan gatherings, jams and fun…


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