Seasonal Change – cozy evenings, spiced with fine sounds…

featured picture: Emma Mumi Grassia - Video: "Winter" (scroll down to see the Video)

Even for the most stalwart optimists, it is no longer possible to ignore the onset of winter. while the last colorful leaves fall from the trees, the days are shorter and the evenings longer. but as with everything, you can also find something positive about what looks like a disadvantage.
For example, you can spice up the long evenings and the peace of winter with practicing Handpan patterns and/or listening some inspiring and heartwarming Handpan music.

Here I have put together some well-intentioned recommendations from the huge and almost daily growing offer of Handpan Music Releases for you. I hope you enjoy – and i hope, that the quiet time of the winter season will charge your batteries for the next spring and (Handpan festival) summer !

(PS: if you want to shorten the winter season, check out the 1st Indian Handpan Festival that will take place in February 2020 in Goa. See you there Panheads 😉 )

New Handpan Music Releases:

FUTUR RUST Vol.1 – Various Artists

Prepare for a 80 minute journey of some of world’s best handpan music today. 16 handpan artists from 4 different continents will take you on a beautiful journey…..(free / name your price)

PATH OF TIME – Adam Maalouf

With his newest release Adam has created cross-genre-style music form, that brings together East and West. The beautifully arranged tracks take the (deep) listener from arabic and indian classical to jazz and western classical music……

CIRCADIAN – Manu Delago

World renowned handpan player and composer Manu Delago returns with a brand-new album. The tracks takes the listener through the cycle of sleep stages, emulating REM, light sleep, deep sleep and an abrupt awakening. Delago was inspired by the concept of individual circadian rhythms, due in part to his own lack of sleep as an international touring musician with Björk, Olafur Arnalds, Cinematic Orchestra and Anoushka Shankar….

Not new, but gold :

LIFE IN COLOUR – Adrian Portia (& special guests)

Released in 2015 its already something like an ‘classical Handpan CD’ since this days Handpan music releases pop up nearly every day. nevertheless or that’s why i recommend this release. It’s high quality handpan music, beautifully played and characterized by a unique style that makes the shots very special…


This release has definitly the potential for an all time favorite Handpan CD in my opinion. For the listeners it will unfold it’s whole beauty only, if you are ready for deep listening. Its a lot about sounds and some of the beauty will reach the surface only after repeated listening…..

BEST OF GRIASDI 2016 [live] – Various Artists

is a compilation of live recordings taken at the “GRIASDI Handpan & World Music Festival 2016” and can help to bring back a little taste of summer and festival vibes into the winter time ….. (free / name your price)

Enjoy Emma Mumi Grassia’s Video “Winter”


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