Everything sounds – a request to focus on sounds again instead of on patterns (sometimes) …


Handpans are many things – musical instruments, percussion instruments, sound sculptures, toys, self-awareness tools. Handpans can be wonderful tools to dive deep into the world of sound. A very rewarding trip, by the way …

Sound connects all levels of our being. Sound has the property of connecting inner and outer worlds with each other.
In a way, every conscious, dedicated listening to sounds can already be called Nada Yoga, for example: listening in nature, listening to music (e.g. in concerts), Sound meditations for healing purposes (Ayurveda, sound massages). Deep listening is a very effective way to free yourself from efforts, stress, begative thoughts and much more and to be in tune with yourself. Deep listening makes it easy to fully and completely understand, so the body’s self-healing powers to stimulate.

Everything sounds – Nada Yoga is balm for the soul: simple, joyful and at the same time very effective. There are four levels of sound are known in Nada Yoga.

Starting from Vaikhari’s audible sound, this level contains the entire spectrum, which is revealed to the ear. So speech, singing, instruments, sounds and noises from the environment.
Madhyama is the realm of intermediate sounds Even quieter than whispers, like unspoken thoughts in Head.
Pashyanti are the mental tones that can be used for telephatic communication.Abstract sounds such as the sound of the color green are heard on this level.
From there we come to Para the transcendent sound. Unthinkable for the mind, for the ear this is the inaudible tone that is inaudible, which lies before all perceptible tones……


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