GRIASDI 2023 Handpan Gathering & Festival – When bad weather brings the handpan community even closer together….


This year’s eighth edition of the GRIASDI Handpan Gathering was once again a wonderful event. Some even claim that it was the most beautiful edition of all GRIASDIs. And not despite the really bad weather, but exactly because of the bad weather….

Communities should be checked from time to time anyway – for example in the way if cohesion, voluntariness and passion are alive anyway. At the GRIASDI 2023 we had perfect conditions for such a ‘community test’, because (almost) continuous rain and nightly temperatures of only about 10C are challenging when about 350 people from more than 25 different countries meet in a camping setup for several days….

Actually, I should no longer be surprised at how easily, warmly, respectfully and lovingly the ‘Griasdians’ meet each other. How open, helpful and above all how friendly every single encounter is at this event is still impressive to me – and hardly understandable after days in the rain.

A good friend came to visit me on Sunday, the last day of the gathering with his family. When they arrived, they wondered if there would be any concerts at all (all concerts took place) because of the heavy rain. When I met them shortly after their arrival they said: “Please explain to us, how is it possible that people sit in the rain for 4 days and we only see happy people and happy faces? This is not at all understandabl….”

The only honest answer i can think of is: the GRIASDIANs, the Handpan Community are special. A tribe that shows how simple, how beautiful and uncomplicated (living) together could be. External circumstances can not shake this quality of heart. On the contrary – difficulties even strengthen this warm quality.
And this is exactly what could be felt, tasted and enjoyed every single second at GRIASDI 2023.

I am thrilled ! And I am infinitely grateful to be part of this tribe – yes, even proud of it.
Actually unbelievable – and beautiful how it is possible that a few kilos of tuned sheet metal bring people together in such a beautiful way. Worldwide. Not only at the GRIASDI. We should be grateful for every single day – which will not be difficult for me.

The GRIASDI 23 echo, which I hope will continue for a long time, is helping me a lot …..
I’m already starting to count the days until GRIASDI 2024. And somehow I also hope that we will be sitting in the sunshine for 4 days at GRIASDI 2024….. it doesn’t take an exam every year….. 😉

enjoy the GRIASDI 2023 Aftermovie:

GRIASDI Handpan Gathering & Festival | Imagefilm © 2023

All photos (also the complete online picture gallery) by Grzegorz Adamek | © GRIASDI-GATHERING.ORG


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