PANArt – We have created something that looks like it sounds, and sounds like it looks


The two days in court last week in Bern were very exciting. Personally. Finally, (almost) all characters and protagonists of ‘this story’ have got faces, voices and bodies. I am grateful that it was possible for me to attend the court proceedings – without a filter. With my own senses. It was very instructive and left a strong impression on my perception……

For the moment, I will limit myself to making just one quote that I wrote down in the courtroom available here. namely one that hopefully enable better mutual understanding and rapprochement. Because, and this is hopefully clear to everyone involved – without the honest will and serious effort to understand and recognize the “opposite side”, this conflict will never end.

“We have created something that looks like it sounds, and sounds like it looks – it touches. And yes, we are proud of it”

Thats a quote (written down to the best of my knowledge at the hearing) from Sabina Schärer from PANArt, which impresses me – because it simply summarizes what I feel when I have these “sounding UFOs” lying on my lap in order to interact with them.

The work and creativity that was necessary to create those ‘Soundsculptures’/Instruments cannot be valued highly enough and deserves the greatest recognition in my understanding. I feel big respect – never ever devaluing the extraordinary as banal, but also without paying homage to any egos.

Also because “my own personal world” (idealized, yes, but worth striving for) has no place for the idea of “my own idea that belongs to me”. At least I had all my ideas because I met hundreds of people before who inspired me. ‘We are all One’ – this is not a hippie saying for me, but a deep and simple truth.
But seeing – or watching – how supposedly good ideas are “abused” from one’s own point of view is of course a challenge. for everyone.

They do me good, these beautiful sound bodies/instruments/UFO’s/Whatever/Hang/Handpan/DingadongaCans !. They touch me while i touch them. And this is beautiful. They help me in complicated times to remember that life is about something completely different than “being right” – I am endlessly grateful for that too!

It would be a shame if something as beautiful as the Hang and many of its descendants were not finally allowed to enjoy times of peace. It really is time for – it would be so good.
For Everyone involved.
That’s what I saw and felt most obviously during those intense days in Bern!

I wish nothing but more mutual understanding and peace. Thats all. Life would be much easier.


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