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There are some newly released great Handpan CD’s you should not miss. I would like to recommend three of these and briefly introduce to you:


Kabeção – “Touching Souls”

Kabeção is a magican in rhythm and handpan music, and like the title of this CD promises, he really can touch souls with his outstanding feeling for music. For me, this CD is a milestone in Handpan music – full of emotion and beautiful arranged solo handpan pieces of music.

“This album is a recreation of various compositions that i have been working on since i started to play the Pantam. These pieces are inspired by the energy of the places and the people i have come to know in my travels around the world”

You can buy and download the CD by following this link. (And you also can find it in the iTunes store and at “”). For some of the pieces there are also youtube videos available, like this one for example:

Alexandre Lora – “Hand Pan for Peace”

Alexandre Lora moves easily within different styles of Brazilian rhythms and music, and uses the Handpan in a very unique way. His deep understanding and feeling for beautiful rhythms and arrangements makes this CD very special in the field of Handpan music – definitely a recommendation !

He now has released his 2nd solo CD, with all original compositions, entitled “Hand Pan for peace”. Playing the Hand Pans as main instrument, and bringing a new approach to musical composition.

You can download this CD by following this link (at “”)

Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis: “ASSI”

This new CD from Salah Ammo and Peter Gabis is not a typical Handpan music CD, although on some pieces also the handpan is used.

It is more a mix of cultures which connects differencies of the world in one musical soul. The songs are sung in kurdish and arabic, with extraordinary instrumentation. Music from the deepest heart of a man who lost his home, but not his hope for a better world.

You can download the CD by following this link.



Healing Handpan Alliance – “Inward Journey 2: Atonement”

The Healing Handpan Alliance is a group of handpan artists who came together to create free albums of healing handpan music, volunteer their time in health and wellness facilities, and are raffling a handpan and donating all proceeds to a wellnes-based charity.

The new album, titeled “Inward Journey 2: Atonement” is a great compilation of many Handpan musicians like Adrian Portia, Kabeção, Eva Hassine, Anuah and many more.

You can download a free copy of the CD by following this link and you can visit their website at


The first album released by Healing Handpan Alliance with the title “Inward Journey 1: Limen” you can download for free as well by following this link



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