HANG, HANGDRUM, HANDPAN – Mind your vocabulary & pay attention to the terms you use !


Language has an amazing influence on thinking: others can manipulate us subtly through words, and our mother tongue even affects how we see the world linguists and psychologists say.
When it comes to the terms from the “field of handpans” and Hanghang, you will see, that many terms are still mixed up and used incorrectly.

There is an very good and relevant article on this subject, on the website of “Vienna Pan Lab”. And I strongly recommend reading this article – and best of all, thinking about it too …
In short (fe.): If you play a Hang, it’s Hang music. If you play a Handpan, it’s Handpan music (so please dont call it Hang music!). Simple and clear as that !

That has something to do with respect. Or would you like it if someone who plays a Yishama Pantam called their music Hang music?


Mind your vocabulary: Dont ask us for a “Hang” or “Hangdrum” (by ‘PAN LAB VIENNA’)



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