HANDPAN History TIMELINE – Crowdsourcing Project

HANDPAN History TIMELINE – Crowdsourcing Project


The HANDPAN-TIMELINE Project was created because of the need to finally document the real history of the Handpan. This project is crowdsourced and is only interested in facts. there are many rumours, lets see together what are the facts!

To everyone who already participated in sending interesting and sometimes amazing eyeopening mailings – thank you so much! This project shows us already before the first publication, how important this collection of information and documents is.

In principle, this project also offers the option of transmitting information and documents anonymously (check out “protonmail” fe. if you look for an anonym mail-account). The project team then checks all the information transmitted and will publish it, if its relevant and verifiable.
The more information and documents we receive, the more complete the content of the handpan timeline will be.

Everyone who is concerned by the actual legal proceedings (PANart vs. HCU) is invited and engaged to share research and knowledge via this CROWDSOURCING project. You can help to make history transparent for others !

  • check whats already there
  • learn history, check sources
  • research and doublecheck

The Project is not published now and will be available aproximatley in beginning of july 2021. The Web-Adress (link) to this project will be published here soon !

If you want a login for yourself to see what information already have been collected and structured – and you would like to be one of the lectors or translators – please write an email and introduce yourself.

Please send your findings, information or documents to: