ANDALUK‘ – Yonatan Bar & Hillel Reiner’s new musical project, is combining the unique sound of Handpans and modern day music. The production is now in the need of a final push toward the release of the Debut album named “Forgena”

As part of the crowdfunding project Yonatan is offering 2 special customized YISHAMA instruments (one Onoleo and one F# Minor 15) in a lottery to support the project! A good chance for you out there, to win one of this beautiful Yishamas, by buying a perk ( 40 USD ) which includes the ticket for the handpan lottery, plus a digital copy of the oncomming CD!

Visit the ANDALUK’s Indigogo croudfunding website to get more infos and for taking part at the raffle for the two handpans. Good luck !

Enjoy the first single from the debut album:  “This Far