This was GRIASEICH 2019 – Free Flow Handpan Gathering


GRIASEICH 2019 is History – and we want to say THANK YOU to all of you guys who was part of it. It was the first time we did this event as a FREE FLOW Event and it was AMAZING !

It was so beautiful to see, how “FREE FLOW” works on the highest level. Relaxed, friendly and happy People everywhere who was ready to share, help and organize themself. For us as the “organizers”, it was phantastic to see, how you guys helped without asking for on so many ends – like for example cleaning the KIDS Corner every night… and so many more things.


We also are still impressed about, how beautiful the music and jams has been on stage. Thank you all who was ready to enter the stage ! You served us really many magic & most beautiful moments…..

Enjoy some Pictures taken at the GRIASEICH 2019 – and get ready for GRIASDI 2020 🙂