The 2019 Season of Handpan Festivals & Gathering starts now…


Dear PanHeads 🙂

Now, with this weekend the new season for Handpan Festivals and Gatherings starts (Portugal and Pantasia). There will be big events like the French Handpan Festival and also smaller events. Since the Handpan Community is growing, also the Festivals and Gatherings are getting more and more… (this year for example there will be the first event in China, called “Ding in Balance“…)

At PANIVERSE.ORG you can find and browse most of this events at the “HANDPAN Event Calendar” which is pretty much up-to-date (if you miss an event, just let us know) and should help you get an overview for the season 2019.

Browse the Calendar, make your choice(es) and get ready for good times !