KABEÇÃO’s “Bell Cave Session” now completely released – a beautiful gift to all Pantam & Soulful Music Lovers


The video releases of KABEÇÃO‘s “Bell Cave Session” are really beautiful gifts to all Pantam & Soulful Music Lovers.

KABEÇÃO has the talent to really touch the heart of the audience with his music. I can remember his interview, in which he says, among other things, that one can only touch the listener deeply, if one is willing to be completely honest with yourself in order to explore one’s own soul.
The “Bells Cave Session” was recorded in Israel last year. A location which is great for this kind of music not only because of the vibes in the cave, but also because of the exceptional acoustics there –  a most beautiful setup, especially for this kind of music.

For me, the “Bell Cave sessions” are most likely the absolute highlights of Pantam music. Enjoy the videos, make your ears, your soul and your heart happy by listening to these outstanding recordings!

If you want to see KABEÇÃO performing live, one of the chances will be the GRIASDI 2018 Handpan Festival

The “Bell Cave Sessions” Playlist at YOUTUBE


…. one of the 12 released Kabeção – The Bell Cave Sessions Videos: “Espelhos no Mar” (translated: “Mirrors in the Sea”)