2nd Croatian Handpan Festival SVAROGOV KOTAČ (CRO)


As we announced our festival will be two days long, full of interesting and interactive workshops, various creative exhibitors and artists, nature workshops and playrooms for children, shiatsu masters, body painters…and much more. Bring your yoga mats and blankets and come to feel the handpan instrument, try to play it.. or just enjoy the sounds of this magical instrument. Take a bathe in a fresh river, spend days outdoors, sleep under the stars. See the exhibitions of various artists and exhibitors, try your hand at various activities, participate in the lottery by buying a ticket and win your own Handpan.

This year, we are connecting our Croatian handpan community with the world, and we want to introduce you to one of the talented musicians who has been performing around the world with a handpan instrument for many years. His name is Kabeção and we chose him because he is a master handpan player (and educator), who creates inspiring music, and performs in various settings with talented musicians from all walks of life. Overjoyed that for the first time he is coming to Croatia from Portugal to hold a concert for our audience and to pass on his knowledge to people through handpan workshops.

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