PANTRIBE and WNY – “2 unique Handpan learning experiences”


Handpans are booming. Handpan workshops, lessons and retreats too. A good reason to take a closer look at the many and very different handpan workshops/retreats on offer. Two upcoming events caught my attention and i talked to the two organizers a little….

PANIVERSE.ORG had an interview with Bernadette and Danny, organizers of the WNY Handpan
Summer Academy
and the Pantribe Summercamp and gathering.
2 organizers sharing the same passion and bringing together some of the best handpan
players around the world in the best learning environment; both in August in Austria and

Paniverse: “What makes PANTRIBE different from other handpan events?”


Pantribe is a combination of a workshops retreat and a festival. The idea came to
me when I saw the circumstances in which most of the workshops are being organized at festivals. Mostly you find yourself with 30 to 50 participants from all levels, under a canopy, surrounded by lots of noise and many different scales… Not the most productive environment to improve your skills. Yet the teachers/players are very motivated to share their knowledge, but often it’s not more than a nice get-together and an attempt to share their passion. Our focus is on learning first and combining this with the performances.

Paniverse: “What is unique about The WNY Handpan Summer Academy?”

Bernadette – WNY

WNY is a full week of learning in a unique environment. Every one of the 11 teachers brings his one “Style and Flavour” to the event and offers a great variety of playing styles to get inspired. This is a unique experience to find and improve your own style. Going from „Brazilian rhythms“ over „Polyphonic playing“, „handpan & voice“, & many more.
We have a kid’s area where we provide entertainment and care for 4 hours a day in the kids and healing area. We complement this with massages, breathwork, singing circles, crafts, basket weaving, and last but not least: percussion and movement classes for body and rhythm.
Paniverse: “Who will be teaching at your events this year”
Danny: We have an amazing team of world-class teachers this year, Marketa and Lea of the duo MEA, Quentin Kayser, Alexandre Lora, and Kabeção will share their passion with you.
Bernadette: We have 11 teachers lined up for you: Kabecao & Trio, Alexandre Lora, Christian Amin Varkonyi, Amalua, MEA, Florian Betz, David Kuckhermann, Nadishana, Archer & Tripp.
Paniverse: “Any hints on the topics?”
Danny: Okay… You get the first glimpse:
Alexandre will be focussing on the patterns and elements of Brasilian Music. Going from the
basics for the beginners, to independence and coordination for intermediate players and
bringing it together compositions and arrangements for the advanced players.
Marketa and Lea will focus more on Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm, playing together,
jamming, and composing.
Quentin will dive into odd rhythms and get to know your instrument better through
mind-changing concepts of chord progressions, understanding chords, and bringing
elements together in compositions. It’s a true mind-opener when you have an instrument
with bottom-notes.
Kabeção will have 1 topic overall: “HTFF” How To F* Feel !… Learn to connect with your
inner self, and translate your feelings into better playing, and telling the story.. And i can tell
from experience it’s lifechanging 🙂 Yes or No?!

photo credit: Auka Sisa

Paniverse: “How are the workshops organized?”
Danny: The Summercamp is an intensive program where we create the best learning
environment for all participants. The students are assessed by the teachers and split into 3
different groups based on their skills. Each group will be 10 to 15 people and will be hosted
by all the different teachers throughout the 3 days, and the content is building up onto each
other. There is time for teaching and practice, and all the content will be shared in video
recordings with the students.
The workshops are located in and around a very inspiring small castle, surrounded by nature
and perfectly secluded from each other, there is plenty of little corners around the park for
individual practice and jams.
Bernadette: We have 4 hours of classes every day. Saturday is arrival day, on which we
won’t have workshops, except for private classes with your favorite player. (you can book on
arrival) .There will be Sound healing, Percussion, Yoga, and concerts, and for smooth
arrivals, the kid’s area will be open.
We have daily Sound healing sessions after lunch with different musicians, to relax and
enjoy the atmosphere, a unique moment to connect with your inner being and recharge!
Paniverse: Can you participate without any experience?
Danny: YES! And it’s a perfect starting point to kickstart your handpan skills. One of the
groups will start from level zero, and you will be immersed in the wonderful community by
some of the best players.
Bernadette: Copy that! We welcome you from the bottom of our hearts in our community
and hope you feel as big a connection with the instrument as we do!
Paniverse: Will there be performances?
Danny: Of course, on Thursday and Friday we have small private concerts by some of the players, MEA, Quentin, Alexandre, and Kabeçao, and on Saturday evening and Sunday the whole day we are kicking off the gathering with an impressive line-up: Kabeção, MEA, Alexandre Lora, Quentin Kayser, Tom Vaylo, Benny Bettane, Gerard Spencer, Robin Scott, Olive, Quintin Moral, Romain Geuzaine…
Bernadette: We will have concerts every evening to nourish our souls & hearts at the fire pit
and enjoy the fire shows.
Paniverse: Can we just hang out without participating in the workshops?
Danny: Yes, of course, You are welcome to book the program without the workshops and
join us for the concerts only starting Thursday. As of Saturday, we will kick off the gathering
program where the focus will shift to the performances, and a full Sunday of concerts in the
park, open to the public.
Bernadette: Yes you can! There are so many other activities; I am sure you will enjoy being
with us!
Paniverse: As the organizer of the GRIASDI Handpan Gathering, I know very well that it has become more difficult to organize such events in a way that covers costs. Times are hard with the rising cost of life so a very important question… What about the pricing?
Danny: Times are hard indeed, not only for the participants but also for the musicians being
without income for the last 2 years…and we take pride in the fact that we insist on paying all
the performers a fair fee! We consider that all artists deserve to be paid and hosted.
This being said, we have done our best to cater to all budgets, and give everybody the
opportunity to join us.
The ticket pricing is set up like a menu a la carte where you can pick only the gathering on
Saturday and Sunday and join us for the budget of 90 euros. Or 190 euro’s for the 4 days.
This includes camping, facilities, and all concerts.
But we have a little surprise for all Paniverse readers, and you can claim a 50 euro discount
voucher on both options by using the code PANIVERSE in your registration.
So you can join us for 40 euro for the weekend, or 140 euro for the 4 days.
On top of that you can book the full 3-day summer camp workshop package for 270 euro, a
3-night shared room pack for 90 euro, and a 4-day full catering pack for 175 euro.
Bernadette: Well, it is definitely not the cheapest event that you have ever been to, but see
it as a RETREAT, where you upgrade your knowledge of the handpan and you recharge
yourself for the winter.
There is nothing better than getting together!
Bringing all these incredible musicians in one spot is totally insane ☺. So to make it happen,
we definitely need you and your friend’s support!
The tickets are 560€ including all the workshops, Concerts, Sound Healing Sessions and all
special classes (except the private lessons).
Food and accommodation are separate. You can camp at the camping area for 7 minutes
by car or you can book a room at the castle „Retzhof“. (Prices will increase on August 1st!).
We have a special friendship Ticket – for you and your friends/lover/boy/girlfriend at a
special discount.
Paniverse: What are your biggest challenges?
Danny and Bernadette: I think that is common to all small festival organizers these days…
Logistics costs have raised over the past few months and there is lots of uncertainty…
People are waiting till the last minute to decide on buying their tickets. That’s very frustrating
as we need to make commitments towards performers, suppliers, and venue, without
knowing if we will sell enough tickets to cover the expenses… It takes a leap of faith to
organize something… and you have to be a little bit crazy 🙂

So if you are already planning to attend any festival this summer, and you want to support
the performers and the organizers… There is one big message to you all… Register NOW!
One thing is sure: Pantribe and WNY will happen… It’s time to get together again and hug!
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer at any of the festivals.

Practical details:
Pantribe Summercamp and Gathering
August 25/28 – 2022
Belgium – Kapelle op den Bos – Near Brussels
Claim your 50 euro pantribe discount voucher using the code PANIVERSE (valid until 01/08)

August 6/12 – 2022
Austria – Wagna – Near Gratz