“Hang® Bal Spiel” – a new Sound Sculpture developed, made and now introduced by PANART

Yesterday (23.August 2016) PANArt® published 2 videos, intoducing the new PANArt® Sound Sculpture – the “Hang® Bal Spiel” …….



Its nice to see, that after HANG®, GUBAL®, HANG® GUDU & HANG® URGU (and Pang Sei und Pang Sui) there is the HANG® BAL showing up now. I really like the new idea of “moving/dancing while playing” very much. A new concept, a new gate into “active music” and “music as a comprehensive experience”. Well done it seems PANArt®, well done Felix & Sabine!

Looking forward to experience the HANG® BAL one day – and also looking forward to get more informations about this new PANArt® Sound Sculpture, like how to test playing them, how to purchase and what the pricing will be……

see here the official, from PANArt® published Videos about the HANG® BAL: