Handpan Gatherings/Festivals 2020 – a few events managed to survive…


A few months ago it looked like, that because of the global Covid situation, there will be NO FESTIVALS in the summer of 2020. Luckily, however, the situation has improved, at least in europe, and events are now possible again, albeit under different conditions. Due to the fact that the time slots for events are very small this season, there is a schedule collision especially at the end of August. On the last weekend in August, for example, you can decide whether you would rather hang out in Belgium, France or Switzerland.

check out the event calendar

Even if the organzers coordinate the dates in ‘normal seasons’ in such a way that there is no overlap, this is hardly possible this year. The international community is hungry to meet and I think we should be grateful for every organized event. even if there are exceptional date collisions…….

So if you want to attend one of the few handpan events 2020, here is a brief overview:

15/16 August : HUG – Hungarian Handpan & Worldmusic Gathering (https://www.hugfestival.net)

21/22/23 August: HÄNGAUT – Handpan & World Music Gathering Austria (http://griasdi-gathering.org)

24-30.August: PANTRIBE Belgium (https://www.pantribe.org)

28/29/30.August: Hang’Août France (https://www.facebook.com/events/1672592289571666)

28/29/30.August: Turtle Beach Handpan Gathering Switzerland (https://paniverse.org/event/turtle-beach-handpan-gathering-switzerland)

11/12/13.September: Hangout UK (http://www.hangoutuk.co.uk)

24-27.September: SINGADING Spain (https://singading.wordpress.com)

–> All Handpan Events: https://paniverse.org/events

Personally, i am of course particularly looking forward to meeting many of you again this summer – and to welcoming some of you to the HÄNGAUT here in Austria….. 🙂