GRIASDI 2017 – The Video Collection

Sometimes shit happens in life, and so i have missed the GRIASDI 2017 personally. As far as i know, it was a great Gathering and Festival and i have to say THANK YOU to many many friends who made this event real. Thanks to all the artists, the volunteers & helpers & supporters. A giant THANK YOU to @Peter Gabis & Brigitte Bruckner who did a more than great job – they are the “heros of GRIASDI 2017″… and there are many more i need to say thank you…. I am more than happy to have so many beautiful friends in my life who made this festival happen !

I am also happy about, that there are lots of videos available in the net, so that you can enjoy again the great perfomances and jams – and so that i can see and hear, what i have missed this year 😉 .

Enjoy this little Collection of GRIASDI 2017 videos i found at different sources out there, in the net (thx to al the movie makers ! )



GRIASDI 2017 Impressions :

Kabeção & Sebastio Bergmann :

Alexandre Lora :

Adrian Portia :

Alexandre Lora & Amín Vàrkonyi :

Dani Galfione :


Jeremy Nattagh & Adele Blanchin :

Peter Gabis & Haider Khan :

Salah Ammo & Peter Gabis :

Matumoto Zoku :


Nadishana :

Bandgladesh :


Haider Khan & Azeem Ahmed Alvi :



GRIASDI 2017 – VIDEOS – @ JAM’s :

Adran Portia & Yonatan Bar :

Eva Blank & many more :

Dani Galfione plays a LUPAN :

Blesspan Jam :

Marcel Hutter playing a LUPAN :

Yishama Pantam F# Romanian Hijaz 14 improvisation :

Amin Várkonyi :

Adrian and Alfonso :

Tommy and Alicia :

Mayuko :