Great new PANTAM Music realted Projects and CD Productions appear in the expanding Paniverse….. go for it !

Great new PANTAM Music realted Projects and CD Productions appear in the expanding Paniverse….. go for it !


For the next week, the “Office of PANIVERSE.ORG” will be closed, since i will be on holiday in Portugal (get ready for dingadonga, Kabe 🙂 ). What will be with me on travel is new music – beside good friends, nice weather and at least one PANTAM, music is a perfect travel buddy in my experiance….

I feel lucky, that in the last week  some new PANTAM related MUSIC realeases showed up, and so my travel-music-equipment is filled with really high quality productions, i really like. And since i really like them a lot, i want to share the information about with you, dear good people from PANIVERSE ! Here we go:


 MANU DELAGO – “METROMONK” : I think i do net need to tell a lot. As all of us know very well, Manu stands for HIGH END QUALITY productions – very rich in creativity and far from mainstream. Exactly what i love. He is right now still touring with this new program – i saw it and trust me: Go for it if you have any chance for. Its outstanding beautiful ! (btw.: when we met at his concert in Salzburg/Austria, he handed me some signed CD’s and a LP as well and i will give it away at the this years GRIASDI – to support the Nepal Aid project, that the GRIASDI Handpan & Worldmusic Festival supports this year)



NIKLAS SATANIK – “FAHRTWIND” : after two productions out of an collective of musicians (band name “Baldachin”), now Niklas realeses his FIRST SOLO CD, named Fahrtwind (german for “airstream”). It combines finely woven soundscapes with partly restrained, partly driving rhythm, encircled by light-footed guitar strings. The integration of African and South American instruments pushes associations with World Music, but it is the intuitive approach to his personal sound world, which ultimately prevails…… go for it – totally worth to listen !


 MANU PODER DEL SONIDO – “NAVE TIERRA 1” : <<I decided to record this album deep insided the mountain at Iztaccihuatl located between the state of Mexico and Puebla.
As an offering to mother Nature. As way to give thanks to her, to honor the creation, life, water, the mountain, the sky, tres, and the visible and invisible beings that live in it. And as a remainder to respect her, to take care of ourselves, what we are able to see and we can’t see.

And a way for me to honor her is to plant trees; in the area where I recorded the album many trees are being cut so rapidly. Its so sad that we are doing to ourselves, destroying our planet, the only one we have.
I made a promisse to the spirits of the area to let me record there. I told them I was gonna do something positive out of this album, and plant trees would be a possitive way to honor them and myself.>> By purchasing this album 20% goes directly to get inputs like trees, pots for growing the original spieces of trees in the are, gasoline, a vehicule to be able to transport trees and other inputs.


 ISEO -“LAST NIGHT” & “CAT PLATOON” : ISEO has nothing to do with PANTAM / HANDPAN music – but: its a very very nice produced music, guided by a beautiful voice brings up “Easy to listen” and “Happy feelings” up. I would call it “Holiday Dub Reggae” – the right stuff for the beach as well as for raini days, dreaming about summer. Give it a try – i dont think you will regret .


…. and one more thing. To keep it going to enjoy also in future fresh great music, please support SANDY. She is a most beautiful soul and a GREAT young musician – and she is going to fundraise for her fist CD! Trust me, this project will be pure and more than just nice! Go Sandy go, follow the Mango…

Please follow this link to get all information about Sandy’s Project


And now, OFF TO PORTUGAL – stop dreaming about summer, now breathing the summer (hopefully) ! 🙂