Handpan Festival Season 2020 – a summer without events ?


Who would have thought a few weeks ago that we are now looking forward to a summer without festivals? I think almost no one …..

Most of the announced Handpan Festivals and Gatherings for the season 2020 are now canceled – and probably, the rest of cancellations will follow soon. For me, as an organizer the decision to cancel was pretty clear. Even it would be maybe possible to get a permission for an event, the freedom of travel is likely to be restricted throughout all the summer (and fall, probably). And since Handpan Festivals and Gatherings are traditionally very international, the situation in 2020 makes it simply impossible to offer such an event to the community….

Some of the Organizers already published new dates for 2021 – others will follow soon i guess. At the “PANIVERSE Event Calendar” we try to keep the information about festivals up to date.

And, there is still hope, that at least events like Pantribe (Belgium), HangOut Azores and HangOut UK will happen since they are planned later in the year…

What i really hope for all the organizers out there is, that the situation will not lead into big financial losses. The (financial) situation is hard for many right now, but if you can manage anyhow to donate fe. you already payed ticket for an event, PLEASE DO it to help and support the organizeres, the venues and the artists ! Honestly, for me, (and i know that other organizers think the same way) if it turns out, that all our work will end up with a privat debt, i sure will not take this risk in future anymore …. Community needs solidarity. Now more than ever !

PANIVERSE wishes all of you, that you stay safe and healthy – and that we all can meet soon again in person, to celebrate life – and our Handpan passion at beautiful events around the world !