a SUMMER FULL OF MUSIC is ahead – get ready for BEAUTIFUL Gatherings, Festivals and other Events !


I am totally in peace with the winter we had this year (at least here in austria). It was a really nice one, with beautiful days, full of sunshine, cristal clear air and glittering and sparkling snow & ice. If you can handle the cold, winter can be really beautiful .

But now its time for spring and the awakening of nature. And not just mother nature awakes – also the organizers of Festivals and Gatherings can feel the approching summer and start to get busy with getting all prepared in time. There are already days, i already can smell the summer and the open-air-festival perfumes !


This summer will be filled with many great PANTAM related Gatherings , Festivals and Events. In my personal point of view, for sure the undisputed highlight will be the GRIASDI 2017 Handpan & Worldmusic Gathering and Festival in Austria (27 – 29 July) – maybe not objective (no wonder since i am the organizer 😛 ) – but you are most welcome to check and make your own “rating” about 🙂

And by the way, there are only around 40 tickets left for the 4 days gathering !!!



(enjoy a beautiful video – recorded at GRIASDI 2016 – Kabeção live playing a beautiful Solo to get an idea about the GRIASDI MAGIC)

And here we go with some other highlight for this summer. The list is of corse not complete and only shows my personal top-top events (PANTAM related) which i do not want to miss myself. Enjoy the summer good people from PANIVERSE – and enjoy this listing.  I am looking forward to meet you there, at the festivals, dancing in the sunshine 🙂

Romagna Handpan Gathering (ITALY) – 14th May 2017


HANDPAN Festival 2017 (FRANCE) – 16th – 18th June 2017


ETE NOMAD – Convention “Hang & Didg” (FRANCE) – 7th – 9th July 2017


HANGOUT USA (USA) – 20th – 24th July 2017




Turtle Beach Handpan Gathering 2017 (SWITZERLAND) – 11th – 13th August 2017


HANG’In AZORES (AZORES) – 7th – 10th September 2017


HANGOUT UK 2017 (UK) – 8th – 10th September 2017