WORDWIDE EVENT 30.12.2016 – “Hang & Handpan playing for World Freedom”

Eva Blanco has created a beautiful Event: “I would like to appeal to you, to take a moment, before the year gets to an end. Use your Hang and Handpans for World-Peace.”

Be it at home, alone or together with other musicians. Please sit down for a moment, with open hearts/love and play with the intention of universal peace in mind.

This time we dont do it, to show how we can play on our Handpans, or for likes. The intention should be to to send something positive and love in the Matrix, with this magnificent Instrument.

PLEASE visit the EVENTPAGE on Facebook & JOIN IN !

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/766807606829161/

PANIVERSE: http://paniverse.org/event/handpan-playing-for-world-freedom-30-12-2016-collective-power/

With gratitude

Love and peace for 2017 and the future.