The “PANIVERSE JAMSESSIONS” – # 1- Marcel Hutter

26-02-2016 — PANIVERSE JAMMSESSION #1, Marcel Hutter (A) – all videos ©Marcel Hutter

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Yesterday, the first PANIVERSE Jamsession took place. Marcel Hutter (Austria) came over for a visit at the ‘Paniverse Livingroom’. Fortunatly he is living just a 20 minutes ride away. There has been 6 Handpans, 2 HandPan crazy People, 2 cats, 1 great HandPan player,  basic recording equipment, good vibrations, great music, interesting, warm and nice talkings – and lots of fun and joy. It was great to have such a good HandPan density around. Playing different Pans with different scales and styles all afternoon. All in all: It was a great time we have shared !

Marcel will start his travel around europe and the world in about one ore two months. Driven by his HandPan playing passion, he will travel around a lot to play at many different location. You will have the chance to see him playing live on the streets at many, many locations. If you want to enjoy his playing live (highly recommended!), keep your eyes open and stay connected with Marcel via Facebook.

Since Marcel and me had such a good  time at this jammsession afternoon, the idea was born to start a “PANIVERSE JAMSESSION Project“. Read more about the Project.

26-02-2016 — PANIVERSE JAMMSESSION #1, Marcel Hutter (A) – all videos ©Marcel Hutter

Since there is the first HandPan maker in Austria (brand new 🙂 ), who builds really great HandPans, it was very intersting to jam around with one of the DeePan prototypes – and we did a little recording about Marcel is playing this brand new DeePan Handpan (see the scale of the deepan) . Enjoy watching:

(Marcel playing the DeePan – video © Marcel Hutter)

Enjoy other excerpts taken from the jamsession recordings:

(Marcel Hutter plays his ‘Aciel ‘- video © Marcel Hutter)

(Marcel Hutter plays his ‘Meraki’ – video © Marcel Hutter)