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  • HANDPAN DISCOVERY – discover in a relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful world of PANTAM/HandPan sounds and find your intuitive access to play the PANTAM …
  • CONSULTING & ASSISTANCE for the acquisition of your own PANTAM/HandPan and advice in finding the right personal Scaling
  • SOUND EXPERIENCES & SOUND TRAVELS – dive into a world of harmonious sounds, rhythms and overtones. Relax deeply and find your center. I like to play for Dementia-, Alzheimer’s-, Coma Patients and people who are difficult or impossible to achieve through language and touch. The sounds of HandPans with their overtones helps many of these people in very touching way, to connect with the surrounding world and people again.
  • HANDPAN- , SOUND- and AROMA ACCOMPANIMENTS – as a supporting and deepening element in meditation, yoga retreats or similar events. Suitable for groups, or as a unique “individual experience”.
  • HANDPAN WORKSHOPS  – PANIVERSE offers from time to time HANDPAN WORKSHOPS especially for Beginners and Newbies. In this Workshops we put the focus on intuitive and free Handpan playing. We also can offer high quality Handpans to the participators……. read more about


PANIVERSE is located in UpperAustria (Area of LINZ/WELS). If you are interested in those offers, please contact PANIVERSE – Your are most welcome !

“Music is a universal language, spoken and understood by the heart. Sounds, tones, rhythms and melodies help us connect to our self and let us deeply relax. Wellbeing, Joy and Inner Peace are the very basic building blocks for any kind of healing !”


What HANDPANS can do related to “healing work” is, that playing them creates an atmosphere of well-being and deep relaxation through sounds, rhythms, harmonics, and sound waves – sometimes combined with natural fragrances. This pleasant atmosphere is in outr experience the most important prerequisite to get healing – no matter if its about physically , mentally or spiritually disease.