There is a great project out there in the Handpan universe. Its the HANDPAN PODCAST !

Hello world! My name is David Sunshine aka Chef D. I  have been a handpan player since 2011 and since then have traveled to 10 Handpan  gatherings all around the USA as well as 3  trips across the pond to Hangout UK. Needless to say I am stoked to play, share, and talk about these amazing creations and have decided to create a podcast to cover all things handpan related and share it with this beautiful growing community.

Its more than just worth to follow this podcast. David does a great job. All the episodes are very interesting. I guess for all Handpan interested people out there. Whether you are a newbie in the Handpan universe or a totally freaked out Handpan crazy – you will like this podcast. It covers all the aspects – interesting for Handpan listeners, lovers, players and makers. Its THE podcast for all the Handpan community ! Thanks David and all community mebers who helped to make this project alive !

And now, listen and follow (and support) the HANDPAN PODCAST ! – Enjoy