The “25 days online” anniversary of PANIVERSE.ORG

Today, this Blog is now since 25 days online. When i think about what happend in this past 25 days, i am really grateful. Not for the Blog itself – neither for the performance of the blog. I am grateful, because in the last 3 month, i have met great “members of the PANIVERSE”. Handpan crazy people like Handpan Lovers, Handpan Players and Handpan Makers. All of them are beautiful people. I just love to see and feel, that i am not allone with being totally crazy about Handpans 😛 .  In the immediate overcast unit, i have met for example Daniel, the first austrian pan maker, his wife christina and all “da family”. Just a few weeks ago, i have met Marcel, one of the best players worldwide (my personal point of view Marcel, no flattery at all 😉 ). We havn’t even realized befor, that we just live a 20 minutes drive away from each other. And Tristan an also very good and talented young player, also showed up by “coincidence”. We have spent time together. playing, jamming, talking, laughing, cooking and eating together and partying as well :). All of us are very happy about – and even we all know each other now for just a short time – it feels like family already.

Paniverse, i love you ! 🙂

And its also nice to know, that this blog is kind of helping to bring news about the Handpan universe to many Handpan crazy people out there – and that it is something, brings people together.

Thats, what i like about !


Here some “technical” infos/stats about the Blog performance of the first 25 days online – for those, who are interested in:


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