Pintoo in the house – one of my indian brothers comes in touch the first time with a Handpan

Pintoo Khan Gorau [IND] one of my indian brothers is here at my place for a visit. We haven’t seen each other in real life for nearly two years now. So all of us are very happy about spending time together and we enjoy it a lot. The house is filled with music. Pintoo, Gefion, her daughter Malaika and me will spend all weekend together – and it feels great being together again, making music and enjoy life……

Pintoo is a great musician and will also take part at the GRIASDI Handpan & Worldmusic Festival 2016 here in Austria. So if you want to meet him in real life, thats one chance. Since he never touched a Handpan befor, i was very looking forward to show him my pans, because i already did know, that he will love to play with them.

See what happend in the first 3 minutes – no joke 😉 enjoy !

Pintoo first time touching a handpan

making friends with the handpan, beatboxing and first jam (Pintoo, DEEPAN – Me, Spacedrum)

He plays so many instruments, that i cant enumarate all of them. One of the instruments he really likes to play (now beside the Handpan – since he was falling in love with the DEEPAN in seconds 🙂 ) is the Morchang. And he likes to play it, combined with beatboxing. You cant imagine ? See the video, and you know what i am talking about. Enjoy ! 🙂

By the way folks. HAPPY EASTER ! Enjoy the weekend, fill it with music ! 🙂