PANIVERSE List & Map of 94 Handpan Makers around the World


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Last week i have published a List and a Map i have called “Handpan Makers around the World” and there was big interest it seems (around 3.000 hits at the posting). Since there was also a discussion starting about accuracy, correctness and totallity,  i have made a “final map”, for now ! 😉

If you are looking for a ‘as completely as possible listing or/and map’, then you better keep an eye on Alessio’s Map (Hardcase Technologies). He tries hard to get at least a kind of complete listing done and up to date….. thx Alessio for your work !


The “PANIVERSE Map & List” now shows 94 Handpan Makers around the world – related to the List of Handpan makers on this Blog. This list will never ever be complete, because on the one hand i just simply dont know all makers, and on the other hand i dont want to list all!

The reason for, why i dont list some Brands/Makers although I know them is, that i (personally!) either dont like the quality of their pan’s or the way of their business behaviour, or because i dont like the unbalance of quality and pricing. And yes, this is not ojective at all 🙂


If you access this list here on this blog, the Makers/Brands are linked with their websites – ENJOY