PANart’s new copyright ambitions – an endless and unsightly story …

This endless legalization on the subject of Hang, which is once again cheered on by PANart and published and represented quite aggressively, makes it almost impossible to take PANart seriously somehow.

For example, Felix Rohner & Frank Sturm (both PANart) threatened me in writing when I called an event HANGAUT…..
quote: “….you cant use HANG as part of an eventname! Thats forbitten by law ! If you dont understand, we send our lawyers ….”
Apart from the absurdity and suspected omnipotence fantasies, this behavior actually only shows despair and confusion. I really hope that PANart will finally stop its threats and harassment. not just towards me …..

For years PANart tried to place their product as something, that only ‘very special people’ get. This is one of the oldes tricks in markeding: give your customers the personal feeling, that they are an elite, and they will follow you blind. So for example, officially PANart stopped making Hanghang, but in reality, they never stopped making them. But with this markeding they could tell their customers, that “exceptionally and only for you” they make a Hang. Definitly something, that makes the customer feel very special….in the end, an actually ugly game imo.

Lately PANart published, that now they start again to make Hanghang officially. I believe and hope that this is a first sign that will initiate the generation change at PANart …. which would be very healthy for the company and its future.

Its so sad to see, that someone who developed an Instrument/Sound Sculpture that has a big potential in bringing people together tries, to use it to do exactly the opposite – to seperate people. I hope, that the fresh blood and a new PANart generation will change the direction back into collective vibes…..

Thanks the gods, that there are so many Handpan Makers out there who make beautiful Instruments (much better, but more cheap than Hanghang. no wonder. Hanghang had no development for many years ) and are ready to see, that this soundsculptures can bring people together, which makes the world a slightly better place !