DEEPAN in progress – New generation Pan’s, New generation Players :)

There are new DEEPAN‘s on the way. Daniel the DEEPAN maker has got the perfect flow it seems, so all the new shaped and tuned Pan’s from the DEEPAN workshop are really high quality Handpans ! The last weekend Milan, the “Singing Steel” maker came to visit me. Together we went to the DEEPAN workshop to […]

“PEACE’n’PANs 2016” – what a beautiful, harmonic and peaceful weekend filled with music and love !

The last weekend we have met for the “Peace’n’Pans 2016” here in Austria (Wachau). “We”, this was Handpan Lovers, Players and also a Handpan maker (Milan Zdvorily, Singing Steel) from Austria, Columbia, India and Slovacia. What a beautiful weekend filled with Peace, Love, Fun, Music, Yoga, slacklining, singing, talking, cooking, relaxing,…..  BEING ;). The gods […]

PANIVERSE Jam – Marcel Hutter playing a Tripple-Handpan-Setup (Halo, Meraki, Ayasa)

Yesterday, after great times travelling (Teneriffe, Netherlands, Belgium,….), Marcel and me met at the PANIVERSE for a shanti afternoon. After we had a great time and many parties at the “Hang to Be” last weekend, a relaxing time was exactly what we have really enjoyed……. And we did a little recording about the “Tripple-HandPan-Setup” Marcel was playing […]

PANIVERSE – keeps your vibes in balance – get some free STICKERS

Since some people told me, that they like the PANIVERSE logo, i printed some stickers with the logo (print is based on rubber , not on plasic 😉 ). If you want some, use the form below to write me an email. They are free, just the shipping i would like to get. And i will […]

GRIASDI Handpan & World Music NIGHT 2016 – Tickets available !

[de] Die Veranstaltungsseite und auch das Online Ticket Service für die “GRIASDI Handpan & World Music NIGHT 2016” (30.Juli 2016, Bäckerberg/Scharnstein, OÖ, Austria) ist ab sofort online. Tickets können nun verbindlich gekauft werden ! Teilen ist sehr willkommen ! … und dabei sein und Tickets kaufen sowieso 🙂 [en] Event-Page and Ticketing (online ticket service) […]

707 likes on Facebook Mirror of the PANIVERSE.ORG blog – thx folks !

707 likes on Facebook Mirror of the PANIVERSE.ORG blog – thx folks !

Thanks folks for 707 likes on the PANIVERSE.ORG Facebook-Mirror. Last time i checked the likes, it was 300 around – and i could swear, it was just some days ago. Seems like, i have missed something ? Nice, that i realized exactly the 707 since it’s a “lucky number”. Peace and Love and all the good […]

MARCEL HUTTER – HANDPANMUSIC  now ONLINE @ Web, Youtube & Soundcloud

MARCEL HUTTER – HANDPANMUSIC now ONLINE @ Web, Youtube & Soundcloud

Since “Now”,  MARCEL HUTTER is finally ONLINE and i am very happy about ! I have met Marcel the first time just 2 month ago in person. And also the first contact via Facebook happend just a few days befor. Today it feels like we know each other since…hmm…..ever ;). We both are definitly crazy about Handpans […]