News from the PANIVERSE – 5 Hints and Reviews, related to Music, making Music and Handpans

The last time, some nice things found me 🙂 – and since i like them a lot i want to share with you……

Hint #1 – a nice USB-Memory Stick, filled with 10 CD’s from NADISHANA


8GB USB sticks with unique handmade pyrography art of Julia Surba and entire CD catalogue of Nadishana both in mp3 and loseless format (FLAC). Great music, great handcraft ! visit NADISHANA’s SHOP

Hint #2 – a new CD from Mariana Root “SOLay”

cc_mariana-root_SOLay cc_mariana-root_001

“Made with a total sense of love & devotion.” 12 beautiful songs, intelligent and touching, great sounddesign, beautifully performed. All done right, all done great! Far from mainstream – highly recommended ! Download for 8 Euro –> Mariana Root “SOLay”

Interested in more music, far from mainstream, also nice and as well from Portugal ? Then check “They must be Crazy” ….. 🙂

Hint #3 – Handmade “BABY HANDPAN” by Adele Blanchin

adele_final babypan001

Adele Blanchin, a french Didgeridoo Player and artist makes very nice “Baby Handpans”. If you feel like that you ALWAYS want to have a Handpan with you, Adeles work could be your best choice. If you want to get one (25 Euro) visit Adele’s BABY PAN Product Page !

Hint #4 – good quality-recording with easy to use eqipment. The “Canon Legria Mini X


In my opinion and experience – the best you can get for this price. And VERY easy to use to you will get really good quality , especially in sound (2 dynamic stereo mics built in) out of it. I use it even for “mooving camera recordings” and the microphone levels all automaticly in a very good way. A really good product ! More info on the Canon Legria Mini X Homepage

Hint #5 – you don’t want to play alone ? Want to play with rythms ? Get a Loop Station !


There are many Loop Stations out there to get. I was looking for one, easy to use and good quality. I dont need a “one million options thing” – but it need to be robust, easy to use, compatible and open with standards and playable with battery pack. I am really happy with my BOSS RC3 (2nd hand for around 100 Euro) – definitly a recommentation if you want to start looping ! More Info you find at the BOSS RC3 Product Page.