New publications by PANART about the rights and the philosophy of PANArt

I know, it’s a hot and controversial topic that keeps bringing emotions to life, especially in the “Handpan Community”, when it comes to PANart , their philosophy and their patents and rights. Whenever I get involved in the “PANart theme”, I realize that personally, I can understand both sides – PANart on the one side, the Handpan Community on the other side. Sometimes i can understand one more than the other, then vice versa. The discussion about the rights of PANart and its philosophy too often ends in a tangled dispute – and very often this dispute is fueled by rumors, misunderstandings and misinformation, also on both sides in my opinion.

A few days ago, now PANart published new informations about their rights and their philosophy – since their patetent has been attacked by Pantheon Steel LLC …

Yes, there are plenty of arguments on both sides – but what is undisputed is, that without Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer (PANart) there would be no Hang and therefore no Handpans, no Pantams. And in any case, the two deserve respect, even if there may be some legitimate criticism of their philosophy !

What I would like to see is, that we would see the development and further development of these great sound sculpures like the development of a child. In Africa, it is said, that it takes all familymembers and a whole village for the healthy education of a child, and not only their parents. what a wise statement! PEACE !



PANart – About the rights and the philosophy of PANArt
PANart – Pang Composite, about the Patent and License
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