The TimeSignature HandPan-Challenge !

The Idea of the “The TimeSignature HandPan-Challenge” belongs to Devin from HandpanOrg.

I was so excited to watch that old 60 sec challenge and I really want to make the new one spread and work!
The idea is simple. One man plays for about 2 minutes in Time Signature (TS) of choice and then nominate one or more people challenging him/them with particular TS or letting him to choose it freely.
But if you want to play something and participate in that – don’t wait for the nomination!!! The main goal of this to make as much videos as we can and make it big.
Nominations are just for fun. I think of it that way.
And the Golden Rule is: If you play, you MUST nominate at least one player!
So if you like that – join and together we will bath the world in music.
[George Gayun]

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1) Kurt Zen – 7/8
So, this was the first video of this challenge played by Logan!!He has nominated Lucidreverie (forum name), Michael Regelman, and Afinfas aka Kurt Zen.He didnt mention any time signature challenge so…I guess its free!

2) Joan Jibuk Aeolian – 3/4
Here is a video where Ruben Llorach is improvising in 7 with my aeolian BELLs and Pablo with his Laud. Short video! Im not on the video but my handpan is there so I nominate Maytzo Handpan in 3/4. jajjajajaja

3) Kurt Zen – 6/8, 4/4, 7/8
This was Kurt Zen´s response to the challenge from Logan. I cant really precise exactly which time signature´s I have played but I believe it has 6/8, 4/4 and maybe 7/8??? If someone can help out in identifying I would be really appreciated…actually I know the perfect person to analyse that and that is: Jacob Cole! Mate, wanna give us a help?

4) Ju Lien
Hi everybody ! I propose you this F.S.I.H… a Free Style Integral Hang „wink“-Emoticon I wasn’t nominated but I propose to Laurent Sureau & Reo Matsumoto to let us vibrate on the free T.S. of your choice.Have a good night All and see you soon !!! Peace and lots of Love, Ju Lien

5) George Gayun – 5/8
[Kurt Zen] George Gayun response to the challenge…5/8 it is!!!! Very very nice!!!!!

6) Thomas Ben Tov
Kurt Zen Nominated me a few days ago to share a video in 5!I’m really busy these days and almost skipped it, but managed to finally make it happen!First take and far from being perfect, but it was a fun practice!Thanks Alfonso!

7) Peter Levitov
Ok, phew, here is some five noodling, I wanted to share more but we are on the road and got to keep moving so it will have to wait until Pantasia „heart“-Emoticon Thanks Jacob Cole, for the open invitation, its amazing what a little invitation can do, Love yall! Thanks for this great group and challenge „smile“-Emoticon For any odd meter time I nominate Rusty James, Dawn McGee, Jacob Lee, Bobby Harouni, Adam Zamarripa, Ezahn San Bueraheng, Jason Razillard, Jason Keegan, Brandon Camacho, and Alexis Holland, Raymond Ford, David Sunshine, Jonathan Heaven, Troy Page, Ross Feinstein and anyone else tickled by the thought. Oh, and Emma Mumi Grassia I want to see you do something in 33.

8) Jacob Cole – 5/8
Here ya go! Thanks Kurt Zen!I nominate any one to try any odd meter!! Good fun, I always learn so much when trying to play in odd meters! Great idea guys!

9) Jacob Cole – 7/8
[Kurt Zen] Well….this video completely deserves to be here! 7/8 at his best performed by our Jacob Cole!! I nominated him but…he has made it already!Love it!!! So much groove….Ufffffffffffffff!!!!

10) Paul Devine – 16/8
[Kurt Zen] Devin Paul The guy who has started this challenge…making his video!
His post quote: “Here is my Time signature Challenge in 16/8… I wasn’t nominated, but I figured I should participate. It’s mainly in 16/8, however the introduction and a few other parts slip into other time signatures. Enjoy

11) Edoardo Striani – 5/8, 10/8
Hello everybody! Here’s something I’ve done in 5/8 and 10/8. Actually so much fun playing in odd and unusual meters, willing to practice more and more!”

12) “Sbhikes” – 4/4, 3/4
[Kurt Zen] This was the response from Sbhikes (forum name) to Devin, the starter of this challenge (He didnt made a video himself).Sbhikes has nominated Carol Whitney (since she doesnt post something for quite some time) to play something simply in 4/4 or 3/4!

13) Emma Mumi Grassia – 33/4
Here we go! Here’s the video of my 33/4! „heart“-Emoticon love to you all and thank you Peter for the challenge and for the trust! Ahah! It has been super fun!

14) Dan Robbins – 12/4
Here she is!12/4 Time signature challenge on a newly arrived Rav Vast Pygmy!I really enjoyed doing this- wonderful way to explore new grooves and get to know this brand new tongue pan. The harmonics are amazing- my mic needs upgrading- use headphones or decent speakers and you might catch some of them.I would like to get some of the Meraki crew in on this- so I nominate Dani and Jean-Matthieu, and something from Carlos on that incredible new F Pygmy- and Alessio. Also Jerome and Benny Bettane. Would love to hear something from you gents too. OOooh and not forgetting IshaRa too.Would love to hear some 3/4 grooves and also had the thought of a 12/8 divided into 7 and 5 alternately if anyone is feeling adventurous…..Thanks Devin for the nomination

15) ??????- ??/?? – who is next ? 🙂

…. to be continued.

[last update: 25 feb 2016]