MARCEL HUTTER – HANDPANMUSIC now ONLINE @ Web, Youtube & Soundcloud

Since “Now”,  MARCEL HUTTER is finally ONLINE and i am very happy about !

I have met Marcel the first time just 2 month ago in person. And also the first contact via Facebook happend just a few days befor. Today it feels like we know each other since…hmm…..ever ;). We both are definitly crazy about Handpans and so the time we share is filled with music, handpans, talkings, fun and crazyness at it’s best level.

Marcel is a great Handpan Player and beside that a beautiful person. Right now, he desided to follow his passion about Handpan playing, Music & Travelling with all his heart and also his lifestile. He quitted his job, bought a “home on weels” and prepares for his travel around Europe. On his brand new webpage you will get informed about his travel – and you can stay up to date about where he will perform.


MARCEL HUTTER – HANTPANMUSIC is now available at:

  •  WEBSITE               (
  • YOUTUBE               (
  • SOUNDCLOUD      (
  • FACEBOOK             (

Enjoy all the Videos and Soundfiles Marcel offers at all this channels – and if you get the chance seeing him performing – on the streets or wherever – take it ! You will not regret – is is really playing well ! 🙂

By the way: He right now also uploaded his first CD “Songs from the steel” (2014) at Soundcloud

…. and here the video we recorded at our first meeting. He played my DEEPAN Handpan – and i can remember, that i forgot to breathe for a minute then when i heard him playing the first time 🙂 – enjoy the video, and all your vistits at Marcels Internet presence.