Make your Eyes happy – FREE PANIVERSE / GRIASDI / PanBuddha Wallpaper ready to download


“No mister, no buying – come my shop, just make your eyes happy”. I think, all of you who ever traveled through India know this therm. So now i even extend this therm to: “Buying not possible 🙂 – just make your eyes happy” –  I am talking about an un-branded wallpaper you can download for free (just click the image beside to open and download it in full resolution 780 x 1280 px). You can use it wherever you like. It shows the “PAN Buddha” i use as the Logo for the PANIVERSE.ORG project. Myself, i use it as the background on my cellphone – and it really looks great !

Thank you again Johanna (professional multi-media designer and handpan-player for fun 🙂 ) for this great work !

Please be aware about: Buddha never ever should be used to make personal profit – and please do respect this fact. When you go for example, to print it on T-Shirts, than all income need to go to projects, that makes the world a better place. The “income out of Buddha” is not at all for your pocket! Please be aware about

If you like the “PAN BUDDHA Wallpaper” and you are not totally out of money 😉 – i would love to see, that after you have made your eyes happy – you make some Nepali children happy :).

There is a great Nepal Aid Project. I know the people who run it personally (did i say ” i know them ?” No i even LOVE THEM), they are doing definitly something, that makes the world a better place. And they do it with tons of Love and all their energy. Please good people from Paniverse – go and support them, by making a little donation for them. Since the this years GRIASDI Gathering is a charity event for this beautiful project, you find a Paypal donation button (5 euro) at the GRIASDI 2017 Ticket Shop Page. Do it, good people from Paniverse, do it. Its just a little, but as an collective it can change the world – a litte, at least !