Koji Matsumoto @ PANIVERSE – busking and GRIASDI 2016 WarmUp

2016-06-23 12.10.19 20160623_140924

Since Koji Matsumoto came over for a visit at the “PANIVERSE headquater” we have spent a beautiful time together. Beside talkings, making music and just enjoy, Koji was also ready for busking on the streets of Linz. What a perfect timing, because the flyers for the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan Festival arrived just 2 hours befor we left for busking 🙂

20160624_111803 20160624_200740

Thx Koji for your visit, the good times, the music and the “GRIASDI support”. dingadangadunga 🙂

Enjoy a video from the “busking jam” on the streets of Linz ,Austria. Koji Matsumoto playing the MERAKI, Marcel Hutter the HALO……