Jamming at the PANIVERSE headquater :) – GRIASDI gathering starts in 55 days !


There are only 55 days left to open the GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music Gathering here in austria. Most of the thigs needed to get organized for an event like this one are done – and around half of the limited 200 gathereing tickets are already sold ! If you want to take part, best will be, you buy your ticket(s) NOW ! Otherwise you probably will miss the chance to be part of the GRIASDI 2016 !


Yesterday night, we had again a little comming together and jamming at the “PANIVERSE headquater” ;). Christian Amín Vàrkonyi came for a visit on his way to the concert he will play tonight (if you have a chance to join in, do it !!!). Also Marcel Hutter was here and so we had big fun an great jams ! And we had great talkings and ideas about the “Giving Project” we start up right now. More about this project soon …………

Enjoy the snippet we have recorded – Anouk, the dog did enjoy a lot as you can see at the video ……..