It’s so nice beeing part of a creative family !

Since i am publishing this Blog, i also try to make the Blog good looking ;). For me it’s mostly, that i like to read and browse pages much more, when they have clear and nice designs and graphics. I dont like to have hundrets of colors and graphics and advertisings on a page i am browsing. So i try to follow my own imaginations and claims with this Blog.

But since i am much more into the technical stuff, than into design and graphics, designing is not that easy to manage for me. Thanks god, i am part of a creative family. Two days ago i was talking about, that one day i would like to have something like a good looking logo/cooperate design for this Blog with “my youngest”. Teresa is into graphics like her older brother – and yesterday she sent me a “first draft” of an logo she did, because she had a shanti and kind of boring afternoon ……

teresa1 paniverse_logo_01

Teresa i love you ! I like the graphic a lot – even i already know, that in your eyes its just a draft…… 😉

I love to be part of a creative family ! Thanks the Universe, Thanks the Paniverse !