inside the “HARDCASE TECHNOLOGIES” – an Interview with Alessio Massi

Alessio is the man behind HARDCASE TECHNOLOGIES – the product, that helps us a lot to travel around with our handpans without hurting them. HcT products prevent the Handpans for damage in nearly all situations you can think about. A great product – but how is the man behind ? Now we know – its Alessio 🙂 – enjoy the interview we did:

Alessio also started the IMPRO SONG HANDPAN CHALLENGE. Wanna join ? 🙂

Interview: “HtC – Alessio Massi (feb 2016)”
Name:  Alessio Massi
Nationality: Italy
Age: born 14. November 1979
Living in: Prato – PO Near Florence.


1) hi allessio, nice talking to you. how did it come, that today there is HcT. what is the story behind founding the company?
<< hardcase was born from my personal need. seeking protection during my excursions – there came the earliest inspirations. Was to funny :). We has started with low low budget but with many ideas blooming inside me 🙂 >>

2) the company was founded in 2011. what happened since the opening within the company ?
<< We had a slow start but rich in inspiration and appreciation by all musicians. After a few month, the first “customer” came in and it was David Kuckhermann. It was an mazing experience meeting him for the first time….. 🙂 A cool moment… Epic… After that, you can see where i’ am…. not to far, but i am happy where i am 🙂 >>

3) what would you say makes the HcT cases to the best ones ?
<< I would have a Christal future ball 🙂 eheh not easy develop the best case… because i think the best not exists now… you need passion and love for make a great things and never stop making them better… >>

4) what do you like most about your work with HtC ?
<< Oh, i like everything about my “work” …. meeting new people…. getting new ideas from people…. new experiences and traveling around the word… This is my life right now, and i love it >>

5) i think, the newest product i found in your store, is the PanHook. simple and clever in my opinion. your idea ?
<< Yes Panhook helps many people to protect handpans also during playing around the world on the streets, in the woods – just on all places …. But my best idea ? … At the moment Evatek Fly is the best idea i ever had, i think…. A light bag but strong too for all type of trip and for fly ready to insert a flykit … for to be ready for fly… I think a modul-able system is the very best way to protect and travel you handpan. >>

6) i know allessio, you are connected with many makers and musicians. business or friendship – or both?
<< Sure both. But it is all about friendship in life. i know really all community handpan people 😉 and this is why i love my job inside Hardcase Technologies… I thank the Universe – eh, the PANIVERSE – hehe – all day for sending the handpans into my life 🙂 >>

7) do you play yourself ? and what pans do you own ?
<< Yes i play for my self when there is time left…i made a Panroom as well – for me, but not only for review handpan… i would like to play more myself, because when i’m feeling stressed Handpan playing helps me to relax and clear my mind and my souls…. I really love playing with the pans.
And yes i have my own handpans: one Ess 2013 , one Zen Handpan,  two Meraki …… and an other one will incoming soon 🙂 >>

8) what do you think will the HcT-company be 2020 ? what you expect personally ?
<< hehe ! 2020 ? Bro, thats too far in the future to seriously think about…. i have a smart philosophy inside my heart and inside the Hardcase too….. I live day for day ! for sure i will try with all my energy to focus, but never ever plan for that long … otherwise i would lose the biggest gift in my life. The creativity! But sure i wish all the best love for Hct’s future – its part of my life >>

9) anything else you want to tell the HandPan community out there ?
<< I hope to see soon much more handpans out there – all over and around the world :), because i think it really could help the get back more humanity in our often sick society. Lets try to stay relaxed folks and love each others 🙂 …. my wish is just Peace & Love & Freedom and Music for everybody… >>

10) your right now favorite HandPan-track ? 
<< Ahh no impossible to have just one…. hmm….. Davide Swrarup i like a lot since he helped me to grow my own handpanplayings many many year ago…
have a look at my Youtube HcT list – there you can see many favorite videos….. 🙂 >>


thanks for the interview  Alessio, was fun ! nice talking to you. Keep going with your good work! and all the best for you and your business as well !
<< Thx brother ! I also wish the best for you and you really cool PANIVERSE projects and your blog 🙂 >>