I am selling my PANSTREAM #45 – Scale: (G) A D E F G A C D F – sorry, its SOLD now

Thanks for your interest – and the rush in my mailbox 😉
ITS SOLD NOW – congrats to Benjamin ! enjoy the PSP 😉

Sometimes in life, there is a time to say good by 🙂 – and i do it with a smile because i know, that someone will be very happy about……

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I am offering / selling my PANSTREAM #45 – Scale: (G) A D E F G A C D F   –  yes,  you read that correctly , its a “9er” – and yes, its a very unique scaling  – i call it the Elf-Pan 😉

I sell it for a fixed price of 2.222 Euro, EVATEK Case included , shipping not included ! Maybe it seemst to you like a “high price” but its even less than i payed. If you want to check this fact about pricing, just get in contact with Mark, who is the maker of PSP , and ask him about how much i have payed 😉 .

Video 1 – Mark plays the PSP#45

Video2 – Marcel Hutter plays the PSP#45

If you are interested, please use the following email-form to get in contact with me – or write directly to : martin@paniverse.org