News about the conflict situation PANart vs. Handpan – HCU was/is really diligent …..

Yesterday, HCU (Handpan Community United) sent out the ‘December NEWSLETTER‘ with many many News about the conflict situation with PANart.
In my opinion, the core of this news is the protective document written by the HCU lawyers. This 76 pages covers many facts and obvious conclusions in a very professional way.

If the German (and European) jurisprudence is not completely deaf, this document will contribute significantly to the protection of the handpan as a musical instrument which is produced and offered by various manufacturers. There are 2 versions of this document available – an english written, and a german written version.

Yes, it takes some time to read the document – but trust me, its worth. especially, if you are REALLY interested in the backgrounds of this instrument and the current situation.

Personally i am really happy to see, that HCU replys on a very professional, carefully considered and strategically well chosen level. I like to admit that I was skeptical about the professionalism of HCU – now, after this publication, my trust in the HCU has grown massively. Good job HCU ! Thank you

Just follow the links below to get all info:


Protective brief English version:
Protective brief German version:

HCU December 2020 Newsletter:

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