Happy International HANDPAN DAY 2020

feel free to download this poster in high resolution here: http://paniverse.org/DOWNLOADS/HANDPANDAY2020_PosterPANIVERSE.jpg

In recognition and great gratitude to the proud and creative people of Trinidad !

Great appreciation and thanks to Felix Rohner & Sabine Schärer for your further developments and research on vibrating sheet metal and the birth of the Hang® !

Also grateful for Reto Weber and countless musicians from all over the world, who were and are significantly inspiring for the development of the ‘modern singing steel’ from the Hang® to the Handpans/Pantams !

Great respect also for everyone who surrenders to the tuning of steel and who do their work with passion, respect and care in order to enable us all to play with these wonderful sounding and soulful instruments!