Happy Birthday PANIVERSE – paniverse.org is now online since one year

Exactly one year ago, this website, the PANIVERSE.ORG went online. It just started as a collection of “Pantam links” and informations about Handpans and i am really happy about it’s development. I have checked the WebStats about the PANIVERSE Server and i am pleasantly surprised to see, how big the interest is about. Nearly 75.000 Visitors at the page, who made around 230.000 visits !

In the ranking of visits the page winners are “Handpan Makers List“, the “Handpan Tutorials“, “Handpan Music” and the Informations about the GRIASDI 2016. And there are many blog-posts that got more than 1500 visitors from all over this planet.

Its time to say THANK YOU dear good people from PANIVERSE. Thanks for your interest on PANIVERSE.ORG !

PEACE & LOVE and all the best vibes to all of you ! DINGADONGADING

Get ready for the GRIASDI 2017 Handpan & World Music Gathering & Festival