Hangrutsch – or how PANart & the Hang® got on the wrong track

‘Hang’ is the german word for hillside. ‘Hangrutsch’ is the german word for landslide. Especially after the winter (when the ground thaws) there is this risk of a landslide in some areas of switzerland. That’s why these “attention landslide” signs are set up everywhere in this times… (fyi: ‘Hang’ has the meaning of ‘hand’ only in a locally Bernese dialect. 99,999% of all German-speaking people would never associate ‘hang’ with ‘hand’)

The term describes not only a geological phenomenon, but also the deep fall of PANart, the inventor of the Hang. While pretty much anyone who would have invented such a wonderful instrument would be full of joy to see how many people around the globe enjoy it, PANart has chosen a different route. They are trying since years now to make the Hang to ‘a something’, that ONLY a few people can get, produced, sold and developed by only one manufactor. And this approach, they even extend to the term ‘Hang’. By the way, what would have happened to other musical instruments if there had only been one manufacturer ? Have you ever asked yourself this question, PANart ?

While there is an understanding for ‘windy businessmen’ being sued for ‘stealing ideas’, there is no understanding of the ambition, to even attack private individuals who use the term ‘Hang’ in their facebook user name for example. Also confusing is, that big players’ (e.g. very well-known ‘bands’) have been using the term without problems for years, while ‘small players’ are getting threatened …

Have you ever thought about proportionality, PANart ?

It’s pretty cheeky for someone who doesn’t even seem to have come up with the name of their own company by themself. Naming your own company after an established record label and then calling others copyists shows quite well how confused their way of thinking is.

At the end, I really feel anyhow sorry for these people at PANart. To be so full of hate, ego and confusion must be terrible! Its like they kill their own baby, without realizing it. A truly very sad story !

PANART – the Original !

The chance for a harmonic future for the Hang is nearly gone. Destroid by PANart. The Hang could have been something beautiful. Now it is a symbol of an individual’s hatred and ego !

Fortunately, PANart no longer has any relevance when it comes to the sound and quality of the singing steel worldwide. They have invested their energy in disputes over the past few years. And so they have totally missed the connection to the wonderful further developments of their basic concept.