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This (revised) handpan-tutorial is mainly designed to help beginners to acquire new playing-skills, to find some new approach to their instrument and to develop own playing-concepts. (by “Ambient Guitar” at YouTube)

Lesson 1 – Time Signature

Lesson 2 – Pivoting Movement

Lesson 3 – Independence Pattern

Lesson 4 – Two easy to learn pattern
Two easy to learn handpan-pattern. The first one is very simple, the second one needs a bit more concentration, but after 5 minutes and a couple of mistakes – and if you practice it slowly ! – it should be easily playable as well.

Lesson 5 – Play Along Grooves
These play-along-grooves and some more are found on: https://soundcloud.com/hang-play

Lesson 6 – 3/3/2
some examples of 3/3/2 rhythms

Lesson 7 – Odd But Not Strange
This video helps to get familiar with odd (uneven) rhythms and shows some ways, how to play 5/8 , 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8 – rhythms on handpan.

Lesson 8 – Groove
Even if handpan-playing is confined to only three elements (1. – ding, 2. -shoulder next to the ding, 3. – shoulder next to the tonefields) there are lots of possible combinations for a groovy playing. This video shows some examples.