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David Charrier – Master the Handpan. These handpan lessons are video-based. David has created more than 70 short tutorials from 3 to 10 minutes each, grouped in different sections on a really nice and easy to use plateform at which you will have un unlimited access. The short videos will help you progress quickly, stay motivated and allow you to master step by step the essentials of your handpan.
This course is compatible with smartphones tablets and computers. Students are all related since you have below each video the possibility to post your comments, questions about the video you are playing. I’ll be there to answer you! Once you’ll be enrolled you can join the MasterTheHandpan Family Facebook Group where students meets and share their progress!

David Kuckermann’s Handpan Tutorial. Beside the published and free available collected Videos (Youtube playlist). David also produced professional Handpan Tutorial DVD’s that you can buy at his Homepage. And beside, he also started the HANDPAN VIDEO PODCAST where handpan players are introduced and showing some tricks.


Colin Foulke‘s great Handpan tutorial at Youtube (youtube playlist). Thx Colin to share it !


Loris Lombardo’s very nice Handpan tutorial (in italien 😉 ) at Youtube. Thx Loris to share it. Well done! ( part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 )


Here is another nice Handpan Tutorial – a nice playlist at Youtube (thanks to Youtube User ‘brOkedrummer’)