HANDPAN Tuning Services and HANDPANS to BUY at the GRIASDI 2016 & Latest Festival NEWS

The GRIASDI 2016 Handpan & World Music GATHERING will start in less than 2 weeks ! And the Gods of PANIVERSE told me, that the weather will be most beautiful :). The “frame” for the GRIASDI 2016 is nearly finished. All is prepared! Now it will be up to us, who will join, to fill this frame with the best of ourself to make the most beautiful out of it !


Here we go with

the latest NEWS about the GRIASDI 2016:

  • Since many will arrive by train as well, we are ready to offer a shuttle-service from the nearest Railwaystation in SCHARNSTEIN. On Friday 29th there will be a shuttle (10 to 15 min drive) available at the railwaystation from 9:30am to around midday.
  • There will be shower available with warm water even at the Camping Area of the Festival!
  • The “one day visitors” on saturday can also bring a tent/camper and will get a nice camping setup for 5 Euro extra.
  • The soundsystem for the Festival is really “High End Quality“! You can already look forward 🙂



Darren Dyke from Pantheon Steel (HALO) will offer a tuning service at the festival!!! contitions: Tuning price is €150 per instrument. If you are interested in Darren’s service, please contact him by email (pancycle-at-me.com) and please fill “tuning at Griasdi” as the mail-subject !

Jan Borren (“JanPannen”) will offer a tunings service at the festival as well !!! All appointments about, you just clear face to face with Jan at the festival.




  • Darren Dyke – HALO – he will bring a brand new HALO to buy
  • Matthieu – SHELLOPAN – he will be at the festival for sure, and PROBABLY brings a Shellopan to buy
  • Jan Borren – JANPANNEN – he will be at the festival for sure, and PROBABLY brings a HANDPAN to buy
  • Davide Friello – MERAKI – will be at the gathering, and PROBABLY brings a “special MERAKI” to buy
  • Daniel Berger – DEEPAN – Daniel will be at the GRIASDI 2016 as well. He will bring for DEEPANS you can buy
  • Milan Zdvorily – SINGINGSTEEL – Milan as well will bring some of his instruments for offering to you
  • Andrey – RAV Vast – will be at the Festivaland will try to bring some instruments as well
  • …..and there will be Makers, you probably never have heard of – and they also will bring their instruments ? – you already can look forward to meet them !



Alessio will be at the GRIASDI as well. He can bring Cases and spare parts. Alessio will be limmited in stuff he can bring. so please contact him if you want him to bring something for you @ http://www.hardcasetechnologies.com/contact-us/

So if you still have no ticket for the GRIASDI 2016 – you better go for it now. Tickets are limited, and not that much are left now…….. GET TICKETS HERE