• From 25th November to 20th December 2017, you have the chance to win one of 3 beautiful handpans by a lottery, published by The Dragonfly NGO !

“Using a lottery to finance our projects allows us to offer to people who coudn’t afford to buy a handpan, a chance to win one of these instruments.

With this fundraising lottery everybody wins because all of the benefits will contribute to support a work on a wide array of educational and sustainable projects, helping disadvantaged communities create social models so they may grow in sustainable ways.

We organise worldwide, workshops, courses, events and artistic wellness retreats based in the fields of ecology and sustainability, in order to educate people about the choice of a more responsible and united life.

Furthermore we help centers to be self sustained.

If you feel you have something to contribute to this charity and that you would like to help us by becoming a volunteer or in any other way, then please don’t hesitate to subscribe.

Emma M. – The Dragonfly NGO “

ENTER THE LOTTERY by following this link

Take your chance, good luck – and THANK YOU for supporting this beautiful project !