January 2021

New handpan makers pop up almost every day. The handpan is in danger to degenerating from a beautiful handcrafted soulful thing – to a simple business object. This unsightly development is also fueled by a legal dispute between PANart and an association of handpan dealers, handpan accessories dealers and manufacturers …..

Many handpans are now mass-produced and get sold totally overpriced to unsuspecting customers. A very unsightly development which I would no longer like to support with a published list of manufacturers here ! And honestly, i only would recommend very few of them….

It seems that the time has come when you should look for the handpan-workshop of YOUR trust again. Take one who works with passion and not with profit optimization, and you have a good chance, to GET A REALLY SOULFUL INSTRUMENT… Good Luck

[ you are welcome to contact me, if you are looking for some recommendations…. ]