HandPans – BRANDS and MAKERS

The demand for HandPans is MUCH bigger than the offers. Thats the reason, why there is also lots of cheating and deceiving when it comes to trying to buy a HandPan – not direcly at the makers. There is  an article about How to buy a Handpan – trying to cover hopefully most of the facts and hints about.

[February 2017]

 The goal when creating this list was, and still is, to list those HandPan Makers that are in my personal focus. This list will never ever be complete. On the one hand, because “makers come and go” – on the other hand, because i also only list makers i feel confortable in publishing in the meaning of:
* Quality of Pans are good (fair quality/price ballance)
* the Makers are or seem like they are “nice and honest” (just my personally point of view)
So you see – Nothing OBJECTIVE, nothing unprejudiced 🙂


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If you are missing “your makers”, if you want to see a unnamed maker on this list, please feel free to contact me and let me know about. thx !

An other, more complete list of HandPan Makers around the world, you can find here: HANDPAN MAKERS Map by HCT (thx Alessio !)




Electronic HANDPANS:

  • LUMEN (SA) [Guy Munton Jackson]