GRIASDI Handpan & World Music Festival 2016 – (limited) Tickets available NOW !


The GRIASDI Handpan & World Music Festival (3 days gathering, 1 “concerts day”) 2016 will take place in Austria (Scharnstein) from 29th to 31st July 2016 !

The 3 days GATHERING (a’ 75 Euro) is limited to 200 people/tickets – and for the Saturday’s “Music Night” there are another limited 400 tickets available (a’ 29 Euro).

The Online Ticket Shop for both events (those, who take part at the gathering need NO ticket for the concert night. Its included in the gathering-ticket) is open now ! Since the Tickets are limited, i recommend to buy NOW – otherwise you will probably miss this great event !

–> more infos about the GRIASDI 2016

–> Tickets for the 3 days GRIASDI Handpan & Worldmusic GATHERING

–> Tickets for the GRIASDI Handpan & Worldmusic Night

Looking forward to meet all of you here in Austria at the GRIASDI 2016 !

Peace & Love and all the good vibes, Martin