GRIASDI 2017 Handpan Gathering – Only 77 tickets left, take your chance to win one of this Tickets

Today in 130 days the GRIASDI 2017 Handpan, Worldmusic & Sound Healing Gathering will start – and there are only just 77 tickets left for the GATHERING ! The 4 days gathering is limited to 200 participants – 123 have already bought their tickets. As you probably already know, the ticket is automatic as well a good chance, to win a beautiful, high quality Handpan ! (Really win – thats not like a “Handpan lottery” where the winner gets the right to buy a Handpan. The lucky winner gets a beautiful LEAF Handpan, inclusive a HCT Handpan Case)

Seventyseven is a beautiful number and so PANIVERSE.ORG, the organizer of this event is ready to make this offer to you:

All of you, who buy a ticket withing the next 3 days (deadline: 22nd march 2017, 2:00 pm Vienna time) have the chance to get free entrance ! One of the buyers who buy the ticket(s) in this periode of time will be selected by a random system, and will get the full purchase price for ONE ticket refunded !

(The name of the winner will be determined by the service of “” – PANIVERSE will publish the winners name on the PANIVERSE.ORG Facebook page – on 22nd of march, around 6pm, vienna time !)

Thats a great offer i would say – so better you get your ticket(s) NOW.

GOOD LUCK, dear good people from PANIVERSE – looking forward to meet all of you at the GRIASDI 2017.